Google Calendar

I've been playing with the excellent Google calendar. Calendars can now be embedded in a webpage - if you're not reading this directly on my site, you may need to click through to the site to see an example as it may not survive an RSS feed!

This is one of the most frequently requested features since the calendar started - and it makes it really easy for a big organisation to keep many people up to date. The organisation could easily maintain a calendar online and have the website version, and the ical version, automatically updated (ical allows people to import events into their own calendars). It's trivial to have different calendars for different jobs.

The above calendar is a simple one listing certain TV and Radio shows, if you share similar tastes, then feel free to subscribe - if I know you (and you share similar tastes) let me know and I'll give you editing permissions - many hands make light work!

TV and Radio Calendar for the UK (To subscribe, switch to 'month' mode, and a subscribe link will appear - if you can use it, here's the ical feed - alternatively just click the google button)

Google Calendar screenshots can be seen here on flickr