Goalkeeper Goals

With the World Cup kicking off today, I thought it would be nice to present this a montage of goals scored by footballers.

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To whet your appetite, I've also found a video of the 10 best goals of 2002.

We have some Ronaldo skills on show...

and also, some footie skills.

In this clip we see Stephen Gerrard getting dissed by a four year old, lovely.

In the World Cup, I shall be supporting England (unsurprisingly) and then transfer support to whoever knocks them out, if applicable. The rationale for this is that if you're going to be knocked out, be knocked out by the World Champions.

My 'second' team has already been knocked out in the qualifiers, that's India. I am, of course, officially a 'Person of Indian Origin'

India were knocked out in quite spectacular style, getting only 4 points in their group (to Japan's 18). Still, they got one more point than Singapore!

Finally, for people who like their football indoors, there is always table football.

.... or subbuteo...

Let's finish with that horror of Footie, the own goal