TMA3 for L120

I've just completed my third TMA for L120, a bit tricky as I'm massively behind where I need to be. Still, it's there now - I have a block of time coming soon and should be able to catch up with the course itself. For a language course more than any other, a 'stop start' work pattern isn't great, so I'm considering the options for next year.

Option 1 - Do L211, this is required for the BA in European Studies.

Advantage, it gets the French out of the way, I can then go onto other things without this course hanging over me.

Disadvantage, I really want a change of scene, to do one of the other courses (e.g. The Rise of Scientific Europe 1500-1800 (AS208)). Also, it means that I've a tougher hill to climb when restarting the French. having the French there puts off the day I can change the focus.

Option 2 - Do L211 Later

Advantages: Renews my interest, Disadvantages: L211 will remain there, and it'll be a bit tougher to get back into it.

Option 3 - Never do L211

This means I can't get the BA in European Studies - but I could divert to International Studies.

I don't think option 3 is the one for me, so that really means, L211 - 2007 or later? I like learning a new language, my trouble is simply one of fitting it in, and it is frustrating as it has to take a lower priority than other things. With most other courses the way I'm having to study would 'fit' with the material much better than a language course.