Improvements in shooting

Yesterday and today I did a little more shooting with a .22 bolt action rifle. I was using 'five targets' sheets, with 10 shots in total, plus two or three to let me adjust the sights. Hitting the bull scores 10, the next ring out is 9 and so on.

Yesterday I scored 87 and 90 (from a possible 100). Today I scored 94 and 95.

On the first target of my second run today I got the bull dead on (after adjusting my sights) - and the second shot went through the same hole! (It's possible to tell).

This was a nice start. On each target my pair of shots are grouped, but there is variation as I move from one target to the next - I may have to graduate away from the sandbags soon and move into the jacket.

All of my shots are close enough that I could score 99 or 100, if I could eliminate the variation as I move from one target to the next.