Geocaching, now up to 10 caches

Animal Damage? I do like this Geocaching malarkey, it gives a reason to go and explore new places.

Yesterday, I got four caches, bringing my total to 10 found, with 2 'did not find'.

I finally got the 'Roundabout Ramble' cache in Farnham. It wasn't an easy find, it took be three visits, but I got there in the end (the photograph 'spoiler' helped!) - someone from the US found the cache on the same day.

That one had been driving me insane, as I knew I was so close (the GPS signal was very good).

The JAG005 Cache

I then went around the corner to JAG005. This was very close to a garden centre, and part of the deal is 'not being spotted' by the laypeople - goodness knows what they'd think if they saw someone walk to a random spot, retrieve a box, pull something out, put something in and leave. It was a pretty easy find which made the recovery job that much easier - once I had the cache it looks just like a packed lunch!

The next cache was over in Wanborough, for a 'Slice of Christmas Pie'. This cache is so called as it's near places like Christmas Pie Farm.

The 'Rude Alf' Travelbug

I recovered a 'Travelbug at this cache, the travelbug is called 'Rude Alf'. A travelbug is a tagged item which one can track in its journey across the world.

I then went back toward Farnborough, there was a cache called 'Abbey View'. This was a multistage cache, and involves getting a number from a phone box. One then does some simple sums based upon the digits in the phone number, and this gives the location of the final cache.

The Rude Alf Travelbug, about to go into his new home.

The final cache was about half a kilometre away. It was well hidden, but easy to find if you were looking for it. I dropped off the travelbug and then made my way home.

A pretty successful trip - four out of four, and quite a short trip too. I was pretty pleased at getting the 'Roundabout Ramble' done!