Chicken Yoghurt and Backing Blair

Don't Vote Labour Chicken Yoghurt reminds us of the 'Backing Blair' campaign, and lists all the reasons why people should vote against Labour in the upcoming local elections.

To my mind, a lot of these problems are not purely to do with Tony - they'd outlive him, but it's a good start.

Of these, the most worrying to me is the Legislative and Regulatory Reform bill

For people thinking that these laws could never be abused, remember the guy who was forcefully ejected under terrorism legislation for calling out 'Rubbish!' at the Labour Conference (whilst being told that he was free to call out such things from the stage)? Just a couple of days ago a man was hauled off of an aeroplane because he listened to 'London's Calling' in the taxi.

I kid you not.

The current executive is moving us slowly and surely in a direction that could charitably be described as 'not good'. The ballot box is a place where we can act.

Unfortunately for me, I live in a Tory safe area (with Lib Dem is second and labour nowhere to be seen) - so it's not clear exactly how I can protest via the ballot box, but there are many people out there who can.