Where did all the Tories go?

In last night's ID cards vote, where were all the Tories? The following table breaks down the votes for the division (from the public whip).

But In a vote on Wednesday, the House of Lords backed the compromise by 287 votes to 60. MPs later approved it in the Commons by a margin of 301 to 84.

Party Ayes Noes Both Turnout
Con 24 8 0 16.3%
DU 0 5 0 55.6%
Lab 276 (+2 tell) 6 1 80.7%
LDem 0 58 (+2 tell) 0 95.2%
PC 0 1 0 33.3%
Res 0 1 0 100.0%
SNP 0 4 0 66.7%
Total: 300 83 0 61.5%

David Taylor, Labour, voted in both lobbies. This is used as a mechanism for active abstention.

Why were the Tories whipped for a 'yes' vote? This seems at odds with David Davies' statement that the Tories would repeal the legislation.

The rebels were:

Name Constituency Party Vote
Adam Afriyie Windsor Con no
Tony Baldry Banbury Con no
William Cash Stone Con no
Philip Hollobone Kettering Con no
Stewart Jackson Peterborough Con no
Brooks Newmark Braintree Con no
Grant Shapps Welwyn Hatfield Con no
Richard Shepherd Aldridge-Brownhills Con no
Diane Abbott Hackney North & Stoke Newington Lab no
Jeremy Corbyn Islington North Lab no
Kelvin Hopkins Luton North Lab no
Lynne Jones Birmingham, Selly Oak Lab no
John McDonnell Hayes & Harlington Lab no
Robert Wareing Liverpool, West Derby Lab no
David Taylor North West Leicestershire Lab both

Like many other Tories, my MP was absent.

It looks to me like they didn't want to be seen to vote for it (in case it became unpopular), but that they didn't want to take the short term hit of opposing it for fear of being seen as 'soft on terror' (not that the ID cards have anything to do with that!)

David Davies, who said that "Nobody who does not want an ID card need have one before the next election - and that in itself is worth having," he said before promising a Conservative government would repeal the legislation" voted yes. He would probably argue that by voting for this measure it introduces a delay which gives a chance of repeal.... sounds reasonable, until you remember that the database is not delayed.

It should be noted that the bulk of the opposition last night came from the Liberal Democrat benches, with Paul Keetch (Hereford), Mark Oaten (Winchester) and Matthew Taylor (Truro and St. Austell) absent.

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