Walk the Line

Last night we saw 'Walk the Line' with Waqim Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. It was a very good film, a good introduction to the sometimes turbulent lives of Johnny Cash and June Carter. The music was all performed by the cast, and rather than by session artists and then 'dubbed' - and they made a pretty good fist of it. I had a few criticisms, namely that I wanted to see more of Folsom, and they didn't play 'A Boy Named Sue', however they did a whole load of tracks - obviously including 'Walk the Line' and 'Ring of Fire'.

Phoenix as Cash was pretty believable - but there were a few shots where he seemed more Phoenix as Phoenix. Reese Witherspoon became interchangeable with June Carter - she was excellent, and this was in direct contrast to the 'fluffy' roles that she usually seems to get.

That tour must have been phenomenal - Cash, Presley, Lewis....

It was a good couple of hours - and quite a full cinema given the almost freakish lack of people in the cinema complex as a whole. Everybody seemed to go out pleased (including those in their teens who probably got a ticket without knowing who Johnny Cash was or what the film was about).