No Replies Yet - Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill

I have yet to receive a reply from my letters regarding the Legislative and Regulatory Reform bill (aka The Abolition of Parliament Bill, or Totalitarianism Enabling Act). Fortunately, the mainstream media are gradually catching up with the net on the problems with this bill, as today's Observer demonstrates.

However, it has yet to hit the public eye in any real way.

It is still out of the public eye, I suspect, to the deviously boring title. There have only been 40 articles in the mainstream media over the past month (as of right now), this compares to some thousands in the past few days for Tessa Jowell. I know which one is more important - unfortunately Tessa Jowell is much more 'newsworthy'. Google Blogsearch has some 140 entries and Technorati has over 650 entries. Contrary to what the esteemed Tim Worstall might think, as far as the mainstream media is concerned, this bill IS unnoticed - even on technorati, Tessa Jowell has collected more posts in a few days than this appalling bill has had for all of february.

This is not a good state of affairs.

I still await the replies - and am thinking about the 'public eye' problem. What it really needs to go mainstream is for someone like Rory Bremner or 'The News Quiz' to start to satire it... or for someone with a public profile to pick up the cause and tubthump for a while. Ming Campbell? Boris Johnson?... Jeremy Paxman?(!)