'No one is forced to get a passport'

So, the Commons have sent the ID cards back to the Lords, after they removed the compulsion to get a card with a passport. Charles Clarke said that 'nobody is forced to get a passport' - and hence they were not breaking their manifesto commitment (which 64% of those of voted, voted against). It's pedantically true, but it's also disingenuous at best. For many people this equates to compulsion.

Still, what does one expect from the government of late?

This helpful post has what it dubs as 'a simple minded' breakdown of peers by geographical affiliation. This will be useful if you write to a Lord, as I did about the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill - as well as the issue of ID cards.

There are several issues where the Lords needs to stand firm at the moment - unfortunately in doing so the Government is likely to try and neuter the Lords, as they are trying to do to the Commons.