Join the Save Parliament Campaign

You can now join the SaveParliament campaign, a copy of the form is below. Entering your postcode will allow a map of support across the country to be created - this will be published soon (I'd give you the link, but I'd have to shoot you). I've seen the map already and it's encouragingly filled in, and the site has only been going for some 12 days.

In order to stop the "Abolition of Parliament Bill", we need your help!

Give us your details, and we'll keep you posted with what's happening, and what you can do to stop it. We'll also let you know when there are things going on in your local area that you can get involved in.

We promise not to send you any spam, and we will of course not pass your details on to any other organisation. Your data will be kept strictly private.

If this form doesn't work, try the one on the site itself