James Bond Preview - In French

For the curious, france2.fr has a 'behind the scenes' look at the new Bond Film, Casino Royale. (Scroll down for Tournage du nouveau James Bond) It looks pretty good to me - mostly as it's 'Back to Basics' time. There are Dr. No references to signal this, and there don't seem to be any stupid invisible cars. The opening scene in the interview with Daniel Craig standing in the sea is a direct Connery reference.

The Bond Franchise started to use it's gadgets, but it started to over-rely on the gadgets - and the gadgets got sillier and sillier (yes, Roger Moore, I'm looking at you). Until by the time of Brosnan (who was otherwise a good Bond) the gadgets got rather outlandish. I like the source material and so I want Bond to be, as Dame Judi Dench said in one film, a 'mysogynist bastard'! ... and I want Bond to be the star, not the gadgets.

There is a danger that this could make Bond look like some of the pretenders out there, but I'd argue that it makes the pretenders look to be just that - Bond, after all, is Bond.