Eve Teasing

When Monica and I were in India (I really must complete my posts for that trip) we kept reading in various newspapers, such as 'The Times of India' about 'Eve Teasing'. We could understand from context what the word meant, but it perplexed us.

A little research provided us with an answer.

Essentially it refers to harrassment of women. Literally 'Teasing Eve'.

In a related story whilst we were there, there was a story which caught our eye where police raided a park in Meerut and started to beat couples (or usually the women) for public displays of 'obscenity', some were married couples - and some brother and sister who were out for a walk. I seem to remember the word 'eve teasing', used here - so the word may have other connotations. The event did provoke some scandal and the police officers involved were suspended.