Article in the Telegraph: The Abolition of Parliament Bill

In the Telegraph today we see this article (thanks to 'Floppy' for adding it to with a for:murkee tag)

You have to admire the brass neck of this Government. After introducing more laws and regulations than you could shake a stick at, it is now trying to undo all the damage it has caused by foisting the legal equivalent of the Doomsday Machine upon Parliament and the country.

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill completed its committee stages in the Commons last Thursday and, despite a spirited counter-offensive by Opposition MPs, remains largely intact as one of the most pernicious measures to have come before a British parliament.

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Re: Link to article

Well said.

Some of us have been rattling the cage for some time

e.g. link to a response from the cabinet office

They just don't seem to get the idea that legislation isn't just a matter for trusting the current lot, but it's also a matter of trusting every future lot of politicos too.

Sometimes I despair.

This bill has sadly had little coverage in the mainstream - please continue with your efforts.