The Horrible 'Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill' in the US

The 'Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill' is getting noticed in the USA, okay, it's by lawyers - but it still feels like more interest than is being generated in the mainstream UK media, a letter to the Times notwitshstanding (for more, see here). The article finishes with: "The legislative proposal comes at a time when British jurists of various political stripes are becoming increasingly concerned [JURIST report] with undue extensions of power by the government of Prime Minister Tony Blair, now in its third term."

Whatever one thinks of this odious, dangerous and ugly bill (guess what I think!), it is without a doubt a masterstroke of politicing to give it the mind-numbing name of 'Legislative and Regulatory Reform' - it almost guarantees that hardly anyone will talk about it - especially when there are much 'sexier' education bills going through the house!

In other news: The Lords have rejected the vaguely worded 'Glorification' phrase, my concerns about the wording of that law were part of this letter. I said "Without a definition that is easy to understand, the law is ill-defined and therefore hard to enforce. Coupled with the fact that cases that most people would recognize as needing to be dealt with are already covered by existing law, the "Glorification" law is not required."