India and Pakistan open rail link

In another move signifying better relations between India and Pakistan the Thar express train has recommenced service after a 40 year gap, it ceased after the war of 1965. Relations have been improving since peace talks in 2004, but have really started to be notceable in the last few months since the Earthquake.

Considering that just a few years ago, India and Pakistan were both setting off nuclear weaponry, and it looked like India might use Iraq as an excuse to 'settle' the Kashmir dispute, every thawing of relations is a very good thing.

The new Thar Express train will connect the border towns of Munabao in the Indian state of Rajasthan to Khokrapar in Pakistan's Sindh province.

India and Pakistan had previously opened (in 2004) a rail link between Lahore in Pakistan and Amritsar in India.