Dick Cheney and the Shooting Incident

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week... or perhaps not getting past the fifth story in the news (in the UK)... you will know that Dick Cheney, the Vice President of the USA, shot a man last weekend.

In this channel 4 article, Cheney said it had been one of the worst days of his life. Considerably moreso for the other guy, no?

Reports say that, unbelievably, Cheney was handling his gun whilst intoxicated (okay, a beer which isn't really intoxication, but the claim was that nobody was drinking - all of these claims rely on the word of the people involved in the incident).

I learned of this story last week - and like this article, I find it amazing that the White House is only just (yesterday) commenting after four days of silence - indeed, it initially looked like it might have been a cover up.

I can't help wondering, if Dick Cheney were not in the position he's in, would he not be at least having a conversation with the police by about now? Would this conversation not have been had on the day? At the very least he did not have the appropriate licences. I'm not suggesting for one second that this was anything more than an accident, but find it hard to believe that in any accident involving firearms the local police would not get involved immediately - and there should be no double standard.

Unsurprisingly, the blogosphere is in a whirl.

For example, firedoglake has this comment regarding the (lack of) immediate and independent police investigation: [via WB42]

Salinas called Ramiro Medellin Jr., a former sheriff who lives on Armstrong Ranch and works as a ranch hand. Medellin called Salinas back and confirmed the incident was an accident.

It was at this point that Salinas decided to wait until the next morning to send an officer to investigate the incident....

every police protocol that I've ever seen after a hunting incident. Why didn't you immediately go to the scene and observe the shooter yourself -- or send a deputy? Because he was the Vice President and he and his friends and your sheriff predecessor told you not to worry your pretty little head about it?

The Comedians are inevitably having a field day (that is, they are whenever the medical condition of the shootee is on the up.

The website 'Join the Party Party' have released the mp3 'Dick is a Killer'. It's not work safe if you have an uptight boss.

Not the wittiest thing ever produced, especially given that the shootee has just had a heart attack, but certainly a clever bit of editing to get the desired statements from Shrub's utterings over the years.

The comedians had better be careful though:

Lafayette resident Josh Kayser chuckled Monday afternoon when he read about Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shooting a friend during a quail hunt over the weekend.

A few hours later, paramedics rushed Kayser, 21, to the hospital after his girlfriend accidentally shot him while they were trailing a raccoon.

... and the Americans wonder why the Europeans look upon the right to bear arms without comprehension!

Further Reading:

The Carolinan carries my favourite quote of the whole affair:

...because quails can't fight back, you all got what you deserve.