Climate Change - Trickles

The First 'Trickle' of data for the BBC Climate Change modelling project should be uploaded soon. Trickles are feedback to the servers regarding the progress of the model (some data as it goes is better than none until the end). The BBC/boinc Climate Prediction model

Trickles are sent every 1st Dec (model time) and I'm up to the 1st November 1921.

When the data comes in, graphs will start to be produced from the data. My graph should be here.

I would encourage anyone running this model to also attach to something with smaller workunits (so that in the event of problem with the Climate model, the other model can run). In the preferences you can give different priorities to each model - the climate change gets 3 times the priority of seti@home for me (both run using the same piece of software, boinc.