TokyoFlash and Timepiece Addiction

I'm a sucker for watches and timepieces, especially unusual ones. At the moment I am wearing a binary LED watch, at home I have a Binary LCD watch (yes, the time says 01001001 etc...). I have a Solsuno LED watch too (I got a huge discount - bought it on ebay). I am fond of watches with 24 hour dials, so one sweep of the hour hand takes 24 hours (which is, if you consider the origins of timepieces in sundials, quite logical). I have two 24 hour watches, a Raketa and a Vostock - both Russian. (More pictures here and here, note I have not used these sellers).

Near my front door I have a backwards clock (as would have been produced if timepieces had not originated in the Northern hemisphere).

I have even made electronic clocks for various purposes (usually work related).

On my desk at work, and also at home I have binary LED clocks (as seen on Thinkgeek)

I even have a regular wristwatch, though that has some nice features like an LCD 'back' screen.

So, given all of this, browsing the TokyoFlash website is not healthy for me.

I am now waiting for the 'Pimp: Trip the Light Fantastic' LED watch. I missed the stainless steel version, which I'd rather have, but the gold plate will do.

One might wonder 'how do you tell the time with THAT', well, with the various styles of clock around one soon learns they're vagaries - a 24 hour clock or backwards clock is easy, it's an 'at a glance' thing, and the other timepieces are similar (if a bit slower). Ultimately there is nothing 'natural' about the 12 hour clockface, we all had to be taught how to use it, it's just that we were taught this at a young age - we then had to learn how a digital clock works (although admittedly these days the two skills might come in a different order!) Spicing up the mundane with the unusual can provide some piquancy to day to day living! Especially when the 'usual' is that way for no reason other than convention.

It's for this reason that I like the McArthur Map of the World.... I wish I had the wallspace!

Hmm... back to the West Wing with the Cartographers for Social Equality!