Stats are back ... and MSIE is at 50%?

After a hiatus due to a glitch, I was pleased to find that I now have access to the webstats again (and have done for some time). The webhost disabled them for a while to protect the servers. Anyway, to cut a long story short, roughly 25% of the visitors to this site are using Mozilla Firefox (Mozilla itself is a small percentage). Well done you.

Unfortunately, over 50% (but not much over, 52.7%) are using Internet Explorer.

Oh dear.

Whilst this is lower than the average for computer users (most just use what is installed at purchase time), the intelligent and beautiful people that you are can really do better that this!

I do encourage you to give Firefox a try, it is free, and very nice to use (especially once you get into tabbed browsing and extensions).

Firefox is available for PC, mac and unix systems, and in many languages.

For an example of why MSIE is worth leaving behind, have a look at CSSEdge - these (correctly coded) webpages look good in Firefox, but does not work as expected in MSIE, that is because MSIE is not standards compliant.