Please let this happen - Goobuntu

Google is apparently working on it's own version of the Linux distribution, Ubuntu. Ubuntu is debian based, and I have recently installed it myself (on a mac ibook, it worked a dream). If Google can sprinkle their magic and make it ready for the big time, then... wow!

They will have to be very careful not to fall foul of monopoly legislation (if it takes off - and if it applies given that the thing would be debianbased), and there are restrictions upon how debian code is used commercially.

Nevertheless with a linux based system with package management this should be pretty easy ('Which browser do you want?' a list is presented with something like Firefox as the first option - one, none, some or all could be installed). There could be 'default suites' such as 'Google Choice', 'Popular choice' (updated using download statistics), 'Recommended' (updated using user star ratings) and so forth.

Please, please, let this happen, a Linux distro with a Google brandname could really swing, especially as google would not put their name on it unless it did. I won't be holding my breath!

Goobuntu - will it become public?

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