PC Surgery and other geekiness

Well, the PC is in for some surgery (fx: waves to Guy). Hopefully it can be got working with a magical recovery disk. In any event, I don't really trust the hard drive in there, so once it's working again, the hard drive will be copied and changed. I am going to get a second hard drive put in there (that's two hard drives, count 'em, two) which will be a mirror (RAID 1), this is just a second copy of all the data. The advantage of this is that if a drive fails, the data is not lost and the computer will still function.

In theory.

I hope it is clever enough to tell me if one drive fails so that it can be replaced!

It's not worth penny pinching with Hard Drives when a 120Gig drive costs 55quid at amazon, and if you shop around you can do better.

The installation of Ubuntu on the ibook is all very nice, it's lovely to be able to use the application installer to just grab things from the net and install them. Unfortunately I was not able to get a linux First Class client working, this would have been nice for the Open University, until the PC is fixed I am on the web client. I tried the red hat version of First Class, using 'alien' to repackage for a debian distribution, but no joy.

I really need to learn to script things more reliably, I can write basic scripts, but it can take me half an hour to write a script to do the most basic things!

Once the PC is back, my next step is to modify the firewall. Then I really should look into the mini-itx media box, that will ultimately need a wireless network connection, and that in turn will need a wireless access point. Don't hold your breath!