Debian on ibook

I've installed Debian on my mac ibook. This is all rather scary, and I've got to the stage of a command prompt. I followed the instructions as best I could and was running 'Woody'. After running dselect everything upgraded and I am now running the latest stable release, Sarge. Debian releases are named after Toy Story characters.

I'm trying to get gnome to work, but the options are very confusing, they have to be right or it simply does not work at all.

I have typed startx to get a sort of messy display with lines on (that I couldn't get out of for a while), but that is the closest I've got.

... and dselect? scary! So many options! So little help!

Perhaps appropriately, the ibook is now called Mal. The PC is called Wash. Hmm, there is a theme developing....