A busy time of year and relaxation

It's rather busy at the moment, gone 9pm and I was still at work (I wasn't the only one...) it'll be a few hours at home, sleep, and then back tomorrow - bleary eyed and matted tailed. Eek.

I was hoping to try and get most things done, so I would not be working through the weekend (again). We shall see what crops up tomorrow!

I want to find some time for some R and R this weekend too. One thing I would like to do is indulge my cinema going self.

There are a few good films at the moment which I would like to see, and I'm hoping to get some time this weekend. Brokeback mountain looks interesting, but I'm not sure if it'll be a chick flick or not, it could so easily be. It's hard to define when a film crosses the line from 'gentle' to 'chick flick', but I know it when I see it.

I really don't care about the current crop of 'comedy' films, and have not done for some time - so I won't waste time considering those. Jarhead looks like it might be good, but there are a glut of Iraq things out there now, there is a thing on Sky One too called 'Over There'.

I've seen 'Geisha'. Munich is on at my local cinema, that looks good.

In addition there is the blockbuster 'Underworld: Evolution'. We recently watched the original on DVD, and it was entertaining enough. (If watching the DVD, be sure to look at the extras - most of the special effects in the film were done by guys in rubber suits, the running after a car effect was a guy running on a carpet dragged by the car!)

This weekend, I think I'd vote forUnderworld: Evolution or Munich. Probably the former as the latter is likely to be around for a while. It's easy watching (usually not a factor, but it might be just what is needed right now). It also has Kate Beckinsale in a leather outfit running around as a vampire. Who could ask for more?

I'd also like to see Syriana, and the other Clooney flick on McCarthy, Good Night and Good Luck.

I'd also like to get out and go for a walk this weekend, and there are various household jobs to do. I was hoping to find some time to start LZX120. Something is going to have to give. I've got a feeling that it won't be the cinema!