Tory Leadership

So, today is the big day, the day the Tories get a new leader. I find myself in two minds about this, split between 'Who?' and 'Who Cares?' . This is speaking as someone with an interest in politics and who would love to see a strong opposition (albeit with some different policy choices)

The choices are David (so good they named him twice) Davies and David (another David) Cameron. To the untrained ear they sound virtually identical on the 'Today' programme.

The two potentials have earned themselves, and their party, great credit by having a civilised election - remembering that more unites them than divides them. Unfortunately this has been at the expense of having something to say. One seems to want a new direction in conservatism, and for the country, by taking the party forward into the next century; The other seems to want to take the party forward into the next century with a new direction for the party, and for the country.

Bland. Bland.... BLAND

Whoever the new leader is will actually need to start discussing the issues, including why ID cards should not be accepted, why habeas corpus should not be ignored, why legislation (poorly) targetted at one individual in parliament square has affected the right to protest - and the many other steps by a government which has sought to erode the pillars of justice which have protected us for so long, (the 28 days is in trouble).

They should take on the issue of true electoral reform, not tinkering with boundaries.

The new leader should set a scene for an election of ideals, and any serious opposition to this government should be highlighting the illiberal moves this government has made in its legislation - not running from discussing it, preferring to whip up (usually) ill informed debate about Europe and Asylum.

Elections should not be about 'I will increase this by 0.15% whereas our opponents will have the disasterous increase of 0.16% which will bring the world to an end in a cataclysmic fireball!' Elections should be about meaningful choice. This brings me back to electoral reform again...