Stella Rimington and ID cards

Stella Rimington, ex chief of MI5, has questioned the effectiveness, and hence the need, for ID cards. Mark Oaten has said: "Tony Blair is always saying we should listen to the experts, this time he should be listening."

No ID CardsLord Mackenzie commented: "Let's look at the Soham murders. If Ian Huntley had had an identity card, would he have got the job at Soham school which allowed him to commit the murders? I think not." - to my mind this is rubbish, Huntley's Identity wasn't the issue, it was what he DID that was the problem, and until he did it, how would knowing the ID help?

On the No2ID site we find more information.: - "Asked at a further education conference whether she thought ID cards would make the country safer, Dame Stella Rimington replied: 'No is the very simple answer, although ID cards have possibly some purpose.'"