Mobile Phone

When I got my new phone last year, one of the first things I did was ask 'how does my page look?' Perhaps unsurprisingly for those who know about this sort of thing, it did not 'look' like anything as it didn't even load. I did a little research today, and following a google search I found nicely toasted. Some editing yielded a movable type template for this site. The output file is here, but will only be readable on a mobile device (or firefox, with a wml plugin).

I have been trying to get a redirect for wml browsers to automatically go to this page, but I haven't been able to make it work without changing the url for THIS page. I didn't want to do it with javascript as many phones have JS switched off. I tried .htaccess, but no luck, I even tried an index.php which did the business for the PC end, but didn't redirect the WML side of things. Ah well....

I have set up the subdomain, and hope to make this slightly more usable with time - though I don't feel any great urgency, if I'm honest. It is just a geeky thing to do!