Kangaroo Meat

There is a movement to rebrand kangaroo meat so that people aren't upset at eating skippy? Excuse me? The Kangaroo is culled anyway, why not eat it? Calling it a Skippyburger won't appease the people who say it is cruel (whilst hypocritically tucking into a Big Mac). Surely the bigger wrong is to cull them and NOT use the meat?

If someone is totally vegetarian, then as the Australians say, good on them, it is a self consistent position, but a carnivore getting squeamish about Skippy? Puh-leese! As for carnivores, if the kangaroo was an endangered species, there would be an argument - perhaps.

Surely it would be better for the ecosystem if Aussie farmers farmed the roo instead of the sheep?

A few years back Tesco stocked both Ostrich and Kangaroo, they were excellent meats, and very lean. On more than one occasion I'd overhear a fluffy bunny type would say something about being cruel (whilst buying their battery farmed chicken).

I do accept that the culling method may have been undesirable, I don't know. However, if someone does not have a problem with meat A, then logically meat B should be okay too (if the meat is obtained humanely).

As a result of this, I can no longer buy Kangaroo (I live in the UK). I would like to... it was nice. So, rebrand all you like - and lets see it back on the shelves in the Supermarket! It's good eating.

If anyone does know where good kanga cuts can be obtained in the UK, do pass on the information.