Spam Upsurge

I have been getting an increasing amount of comment spam of late. Nightly there have been multiple posts along the lines of 'Nice blog, keep up the good work', and 'I can't believe I have never run across your site before'. You might wonder where the spam in this is, the thing is that there are hundreds of them, many identical on multiple posts, and seem to exist purely to direct traffic to another site (which is one of a range of sites).

Not one of these has reached the live pages, yet the spammer keeps trying. Idiot. I know they probably aren't checking that every spam gets through, but you'd expect them to check from time to time!

All that happens is that the comments go into moderation (as do all comments, unless the commenter is signed in through typekey) and then get deleted. A lot of the known spams are deleted on sight.

Movabletype 3.2 makes the management of spam easy, though - it comes with spamlookup which has filtered out all the spam messages with ease. It takes a few clicks to junk multiple spammed messages.

Of course, if I have junked any genuine 'nice site' messages in the process - I do apologise!