Yahoo and Flickr - Some reassuring words

On the Flickrblog there has been a reassuring post about Yahoo and Flickr. I didn't have any problem with merging, after all, I did try it, but I don't want to have to re-sign in every other click, as can happen on Yahoo.

This was so frustrating, I got my accounts unmerged. This is directly addressed:

Q: OMG, it is really annoying to have to log in to Yahoo over and over many times a day just to get my Flickr fix! [This is not a question.] Uh ... isn't it annoying?!!?

A: Yes, it really, truly is. It's enough to drive one batty. And it's a bug. And a fix will be out soon.

So, there we have it.

My other concern is that I don't want the look and feel of flickr to become like Yahoo. I don't care for the look and feel of Yahoo. However, this doesn't have any relation to the merge decision.

So, once things stabilise, and Yahoo loses its amnesia, I'll be happy to remerge.

Actually, I'll probably still be one of the last to merge - let someone else have the bugs, I had my share last week!