The Ashes

So, England has won the Ashes. Everybody is ecstatic. .... and I couldn't give a flying fig. I don't know what it is about cricket, but it leaves me cold. For what seems like forever, people have been discussing wickets and overs and googlies and birdies and.. oh, that's golf. They talk in a string of numbers that convey very little to the uninitiated.

What has confused me most of all is that these cricket fans spent much of last week hoping to get rained off. So they would win.

A sport, where the fans hope that the weather is bad in order that the sport cannot proceed? Cricket fans NOT wanting to see cricket? Bizarre.

The wife went in to see the victory parade today - she's been following the tests. At the weekend I went into the room to see her watching a shot of a field with a canvas over the playing area, rain coming down, and no commentary. She seemed hooked. And to think, there were probably millions watching the same thing.

An utterly bizarre game.