Open House

Monica and The WriterToday we spent some time in London. We started with a trip to Hampstead Heath in order to see "The Writer" This is on Parliament Hill (actually, it is to the side of the hill) and it is a gigantic table and chairs. Very simple, but I liked it a lot.

We walked from there to Archway tube station going past Highgate cemetary. We took the tube over to Bank with a view to going into the Lloyds building. We were a little too late to go into the building which was open to the public as part of the 'Open House' weekend, where normally inaccessible buildings are available to view.

Bicycles in Westminster PalaceFrom there we went to the Palace of Westminster, where we gained access to Westminster Hall, Portcullis House, and the Bicycle Rack of the House of Commons Bike Club. We also got to see Big Ben from a novel angle. This access was due to OpenHouse.

Alison Lapper and NelsonFrom here we walked to Trafalgar Square and saw the latest addition to the square, the Alison Lapper statue, this was unveiled two days ago. It will be there until April 2007.