Natural versus Manmade

Following on from previous rants about natural versus manmade, I was in the supermarket last night, and saw an amusing example of a kid who knew how to "play the game". He and his father were buying orange juice. The father wanted squeezed orange juice from the chiller cabinet, and the boy wanted Sunny Delight.

The father completely refused to buy SunnyD, saying that the fresh orange juice was healthier. So the kid brought out the buzzwords:

... but this will be better for me, it has added seawater and no added salt!

Correctly the father took this with a pinch of.... erm... salt (sorry!)

The boy persisted, and as I was walking away he was about to yield. Mainly for a quiet life.

Even though the boy was being totally inconsistant, he had picked up on the fact that to most people natural is axiomatically good (though how 'natural' the seawater is does rather depend on the sea chosen).

It just goes to show that the marketing drones get them young!