Domestic things

Now 'the wife' is on her way home, I can relay what I have been doing today.

Bathroom floor Last Night's Meal

To set the scene, last night I got all domestic and made her some tea. I am not sure whether I should be pleased that she took the photo - impressed by the excellence of the meal, or slightly chastened that she deemed it to be an event worthy of remembrance. Possibly both. If I can get my act together there will be a meal when she gets in, tonight, too.

However, the main job of the day, in an effort to be Mr. Good Husband of the Year (in this marriage) I have refloored the bathroom.

I started and thought 'this will be a quick job', yeah right. Lots of little fiddly bits to work around. Nevertheless, it's not a bad job, and it'll be a nice surprise for her.