That was the Month that Was

What a month. Evening StandardIt started with Live8, and the the G8 summit. This was closely followed by the UK winning the Olympic Bid.

The next day we had bombs in London.

I then went to France to take part in LXR122, a summerschool in Caen. This was excellent, but it cut me out of the loop for a bit, and I'm not yet fully back up to speed.

Whilst I was away, there was another attack on London, and plain clothed police shot a man dead on the tube, (heck, if plain clothed guys with guns started chasing me, I would probably run too).

One of the Silver HordeI spent some time in France after LXR122, and then came back home. After a few days it was off to Suffolk for CCDE, or a weekend in a field with a pot of paints.

Back to normality.

Tasks for the immediate future:

1) Do some exercise 2) Do the accounts 3) Do some French for L192 (to catch up) 4) Do some more French for L192 (to forge ahead) 5) Write a short essay in French for LXR122 6) Tidy a bit

Erm... that alone is pretty busy. I need to be doing a lot of French.