I'm sitting in Spam Free Bliss at the moment. I had the weird experience of waking up to not one spam. McAfee Spamkiller intercepted most of them, with Thunderbird catching the rest (which I duly scolded the McAfee filter for).

On the website, there was a flurry of spammy comments and trackbacks last night, but the new SpamLookup filter built into MT3.2 just swept them all into the 'Junk' folder, in case of false positives. Not one made it to the site, no cleanup to do, as has been the case.

Sheer bliss.

(Some sites point out that MT doesn't come with new templates. This is true for upgrades as you wouldn't want it to go over modified templates. You can get the new templates by refreshing the templates with the plugin, existing templates are backed up at this point. Though one problem I had was with a new template, the plugin can only get new templates if told they exist! This template is required to get the typekey stuff working with the new templates. Stylecatcher will only work well with the updated templates, as the styles depend upon the template having pre-agreed names for certain things.)