More on the Upgrade

I've been fiddling with the website, and MT3.2 seems good.

There are a few spots where the documentation is not yet in place, for example in mt-config.cgi the URL is wrong.

Typekey authentication has stopped working, this is something to do with going back to the MT3.2 default templates (though I've now added minor tweaks). Apparently there are some new templates which I don't have. I put in a support request and was told:

... you may not have the new Site Javascript index template. This template should publish a file named mt-site.js in your weblog folder which contains the necessary TypeKey Javascript.

I have yet to find out how to GET that.

Trackbacks to this site are now subject to filtering, and it is no longer pass or dustbin, trackbacks can be held for moderation before they appear, and I can rescue trackbacks from the bitbucket too. This should make the cleanup after a small trip away much easier.

There is still a little tweaking to do with templates, but it is almost there. As of now things are at 90%, the site is certainly useable at the moment.