Flickr Games

The Great Court of the British Museum I'm trying to get a new game started on Flickr. The idea is simple enough, we start with a photo and then add it to the pool. The next photo in the pool should include the position where the last photo was taken from.

A destination is chosen, and we try to end with a photo which recognisably includes that destination, along with the position of the previous photographer. The winner gets to choose a new destination.

The current destination is Centrepoint in London, and the starting point is inside the British Museum, so not far to go... once it gets started.

The photo posted can already exist, it doesn't have to have been taken for this purpose. Only one photo should be posted at a time, i.e. no sequences of shots from one person. The exception is when we need to get on a plane or use public transport, a shot FROM the vehicle of the departure point, and a shot OF the vehicle from the arrival point will get us across international boundaries.

With luck, we may be able to get a snake of photos which circumnavigate the globe!

I've started this in London, UK - so British photographers can set the tone!

(fx: deathly silence.... tumbleweed blows across the screen....)

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