You may have notice the new del.icio.this buttons on the site. These allow easy bookmarking in (yes, optimistic, I know). The bookmarked item is the individual post.

This is done by including the following in the Movabletype template, inside MTEntries:

<p class="delicious"><a href="<$MTEntryPermalink$>&amp;title=<$MTEntryTitle encode_url="1"$>" title="Add the post entitled <$MTEntryTitle encode_url="1"$>, and JUST this post to your account">del.icio.this</a></p>

The style for this is as follows, I use a second stylesheet to override any of the default styles, so I just dropped this in there :

/* delicious button */

p.delicious {         font-family: courier; text-transform: uppercase;         font-size: smaller;         float: right;         border: 0px; padding: 0px         color: #fff; background-color:#9c6; }

p.delicious a {         padding: 0.2em 1em;         border: 1px outset #9c6;         color: inherit; background-color: inherit;         text-decoration: none; }

p.delicious a:hover {         border: 1px inset #9c6;         color: #880; background-color: inherit; }

p.delicious a:visited {         border: 1px inset #9c6;         color: #800; background-color: inherit; }

Of course, the styling can be changed at will (and I would be interested to learn of any nice examples).