My sketch of the Church at BayeuxLXR122 in Caen was simply excellent. LXR122 is a summer school in French. There was some preparatory work, which, to be fair, I didn't do too well at. When I arrived they'd bumped me from Falaises up to Dives (there were four classes).

I was a little unsure, but went with it.

The days consisted of classroom work, and some days we had trips/free time. For example, on one day we had to go to Caen to talk to locals (we did some work on a questionnaire for those who needed it, but for many of us we just ignored that and started talking).

We went to Bayeux and saw the tapestry, and we generally had a good time.

Nous parlions en français tout les temps, peut-être aves les erreurs, mais il etait bien!

The group I was in was excellent, and we enjoyed the week. We had an oral at the end, which was good preparation for L192, and I now have to write a short essay (a few hundred words) which I prepared for during the week.

It is a course which has really boosted my confidence in both the OU and the language.