Scotland and England on Equal Terms

Scotland Act, Donal Dewars Copy.If this is genuine, and it looks like it might be, then it is an absolute scandal. "England and Scotland together on equal terms"? Either Blair is completely unaware that he has set up an equality in the United Kingdom, or he intended to create an English Parliament and has sat on his hands for seven years.

Or did he believe that Westminster was the English parliament? After all, he had only been the Prime Minister for a year, perhaps he was confused....

It would be interesting to ask the Prime Minister what he meant when he wrote that. Unfortunately since there is not an election anywhere in sight it is likely to be four years before a member of the public close to asking him a left-of-field question like that. The political interviewers are extremely unlikely to ask anything a bit awkward like that (even on one of the extremely rare occasions where he's interviewed at all).