LXR122 Prep Work

Today I've had to do a 'formative assignment' for LXR122. This will help to place me in the right group for the summer school. The instructions said not to look anything up. I followed this instruction. The first item is a comprehension. I found this very hard, lots of new language for me, and there was one section I simply could not get.

The second part was some writing. I couldn't do the future tense (not seen it in L192 yet), nor could I even parse Y va-t-il?, let alone negate it (it's the Y that confused). Subject to a slip or two, the passé composé should be okay.

The third part was a vocabulary test. A word was given and it hand to be put into a sentence (with marks for accuracy as well as style). I could only attempt about a third of this.

The final part was speaking. I did it 'by the book' and was very hesitant.

I've ticked the box for the bottom set.