L192 End of Course Assessment

I've had a date change through for my End of Course Assessment in the Open University French course which I'm taking. I was unable to attend on the day originally slated for the assessment. The fatal day will now by Saturday 24th September, 2005. It's with a different tutor, but that can't really be avoided.

I'm quite behind with the course at the moment - and did intend to try and get back up to date this week, but that hasn't happened. It seems that the further I am behind, the less I can get motivated to do something about it.

This is terrible, I never used to do this. I never used to get behind at all. I'm not happy about this situation, and yet... I'm still behind.

The difference is that I used to only have to concentrate on my studies. Now I have to be a responsible adult too.

Long term, I don't think it will be a problem, I always get things done in the end - I am just rather annoyed with myself at letting things fall away and making life more difficult than it need be later on.

The major reason I'm annoyed is that I'm doing a short course in the summer, and I have to do some prep work for that mid June. I wanted to get as far ahead with the current course as I could before the prep work.

What is really annoying? All this sounds incredibly pathetic and I hate sounding that way.

I just need to pull things together... but all the other things I could be doing seem so much more distracinteresting.

Generally, I feel as if I'm letting myself down. Can you tell?