Electoral Reform Quiz

The people behind 'Who should you vote for' have put together a quiz about electoral systems. Here are my results:

Electoral Reform

Who Should You Vote For?

Key: FPPTP = First Past the Post; AMS = Additional Member System; SYV = Single Transferable Vote; JAV+ = Jenkins Alternate Vote Plus; PLS = Party List System; CC = Cellular Constituencies. For explanations of these systems, please read the electoral reform FAQ

minus 5FPPTP -5
plus 1AMS 1
plus 9STV 9
minus 1JAV+ -1
minus 6PLS -6
plus 1CC 1

You should support: Single Transferable Vote (STV).

STV requires larger constituencies than is currently the case, each electing between 3 and 5 MPs - with parties able to field more than one candidate in a constituency. Voters rank the candidates in order of preference with candidates being elected through a combination of first preference and weighted second/third/fourth etc preference votes. The system delivers a more proportional result, but is complex and still biases against smaller parties and is more likely to deliver multi-party coalition governments.

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