Electoral Reform and my MP

My MP, Michael Gove, appeared on Any Questions on the 27th May. A question was asked about the EU, and this is what he said:

... now I think in the modern world power instead of being centralised should be devolved to the lowest possible level.... Britain is already too centralised as a nation and important questions and decisions - planning questions and decisions which local government should take are taken in Whitehall... we need devolution

So, when he responds fully to my letter I will be expecting him to support the concept of an English Parliament to match Scotland.

The key question about anyone who exercises power - and it's Tony Blair's question - is how can I get rid of you and we can't rid of many of the people who make these decisions.

Interesting. Given that in Mr. Gove's own conservative seat he has a majority whereby almost half of his vote could stay at home and he would still have been elected; How exactly could my ballot have been cast to increase the likelihood of Tony Blair NOT being Prime Minister? After all, once the job job of electing a non-labour MP was done, additional votes are 'wasted'. (The same argument could have been applied pre-1997 trying to oust the Conservatives).

Applying this principle should logically make him support electoral reform! After all, where I live now, my vote can have little influence in voting out the government, if I were to move into a marginal constituency then my vote could be vital.

Let's see what he has to say about my second letter.