Crunch weekend for L192

This is a bit of a crunch weekend of me. Various deadlines coinciding, both work related and OU course related. The work deadline is slightly later than OU, so I'm doing the OU one first. I have been having a bit of a blitz.

A week ago I was about two months behind on my french course. As of now I'm about two weeks behind. Today accounts for about a third of that catchup.

Tomorrow, I need to get a little further, and then have a go at the TMA.

Actually I think I could probably do it now, with a little bit of bookwork for one or two bits. So the plan is to start it tomorrow morning when I'm fresh, then work on the course a bit more and then finally check the TMA before posting on monday.

If all is well, I can then slow up a bit and progress at a more sane pace, perhaps actually taking some time to internalise things. Crazy plan.

My next target is to get a little ahead of myself before LXR122, so that I can take full advantage of the experience, then to use the majority of the time following LXR122 prior to the conclusion of L192 to consolidate things in time for the oral examination.

So tomorrow, will be a busy day, but I'm now reasonably confident that I'll be getting a score for TMA05 - a few days ago I was considering passing on it as I've already got the score I need to 'get by'.

However much it might be true that I could have left it, I was never going to allow this to happen. I don't want to just pass, I want to pass well.