Coffee Shop Annoyances

My local town now has more coffee shops than anything else, it seems. It's a small market town in Surrey and the third Starbucks has opened today. Add to that a Cafe Nero or two, some Costa Coffees and so forth, and you can walk from one end of town to the other never being more than a few steps from frothy coffee. Last night I was working late (I didn't head home in the end until about half eight), so I went into a Starbucks to get a frothy coffee and a bun at about half five. What follows is paraphrased, but not far off.

Me: Can I have a medium mocha and a cinnamon bun please?

'Barista': A what?

Me: A medium mocha.

'Barista': Pardon?

Me: (slowly) A medium mocha?

'Barista': We only do Tall, Grande and Venti.

Me: The one on the middle. The medium one.

'Barista': And what was the other thing?

Me: A cinnamon bun.

'Barista': A what?

Me: (pointing) one of those.

'Barista': One of which?

Me: (pointing a little more vigorously) These. A cinnamon bun.

'Barista': (Looks confused and bewildered).

Me: A cinammon bun. The thing next to the muffin.

'Barista': (Disapproving) Oh, you mean a Cinammon Swirl. They're called Cinammon Swirls.

Me: No. It's a bun. It has Cinammon in. And it's a bun.

I'd like to think she was having a laugh, except that I don't think this. I really do believe she was confused by the word 'bun'. Either than or she's such a good actress she is wasted in Starbucks.

Arghhh! Who can I blame for 'Tall' or 'Regular' replacing 'Small', and the necessary inflation of adjectives that ensues? If this carries on it'll be 'Big', 'Huge' and 'Ginormous'! If you're an advertising exec reading this - don't even think it!

... and don't get me started on the word 'Barista'...

(12th June: This post featured on BritBlog Roundup)