Back from the Dentist

I've just got in from the Dentist, not too bad - my first crown is in. He began by removing the temporary filling, this was reasonably okay, a little bit of prodding and pushing.

I'm not quite sure of all the steps - I wasn't in the best position to see, but essentially he cements in a post and then cements the crown onto that.

This had to be done very quickly - due to the hot weather the cement would go off before he could get the job done (he had to have two attempts). The crown was pushed into place and he applied pressure by clasping my lower jaw - not the most pleasant thing I've had happen to me recently.

The crown looks pretty good though - you'd have to look really hard to tell. Crowns look like real teeth now, gone are the days of the gold crown (unless you'd prefer one!)

It feels weird having a tooth where before I only had an overfilled stub (the tooth had previously been reconstructed with amalgam, and kept small to avoid damage). I'll get used to it, I suppose.