Tomorrow, in case you didn't notice, is the UK general election. I would you encourage you to vote. Even if, no, especially if you think it's all a bit below you and irrelevant.

Take a nice evening stroll, go past the polling station, nip in and write 'none of the above' across the paper if you really don't want to endorse anyone. The spoiled ballots have to be looked at... and counted.

Even if you believe that the voting system is fundamentally unsound, go and cast your ballot, spoil it if you must, but vote. If you're in a truly safe seat, vote for a party which promises electoral reform (if you can), as far as I know only Charles Kennedy has even mentioned that in this election, however, I would vote for virtually anyone if they stood for this!

If you're in a safe seat, vote. Your preference brings forth the day that the party who wins power loses the popular vote - and that could give rise to electoral reform, something which we so sorely need in this country.

Please, go to the polling booth, even if you are spoiling your ballot! If you never make the trip, politicians will never address your issues!

On May 6th, and any day after that, if you get a chance, be sure to challenge any politician who bemoans voter apathy on their position regarding electoral reform.

Oh, and if you need some help to make up your mind, there is this quiz, however you may need to take your local circumstances into account. For example, in my area it is a race between Tory and Lib Dem, Labour is a 'wasted vote'. Where I used to live it was a Lib Dem and Labour race, before that it was Tory/Labour. If you're first choice is in the running, vote for them. If your first choice is not in the running and the other two are unpalatable, vote your first choice. This is the only way that they can be in the running in the future! If your first choice is in third place, and you have a preference between the other two, and they're neck in neck, then good luck! You should see the need for electoral reform!