Gags and Vigils and Protests (Oh My!)

The Make My Vote Count campaign organised a vigil at Number 10 this morning. Unfortunately I was unable to go, which was quite frustrating. You can read of the vigil here.

Over 100 voting reformers participated in a vigil during the Queen's speech this morning. Supporters were very heartened by the opinion poll on the front of the Independent showing that following the general election a massive 62% of the population now support some form of proportional representation.

To be fair, there was a slightly contrary second question in that poll.

Just down the road the Queen's Speech took place, ID cards are back on the agenda. There was a protest arranged by No2ID regarding this - which I didn't learn about until after the event. In Northern Ireland an editorial has appeared claiming that any protest on this issue 'would be churlish' - this article is written in the light of the special circumstances in NI.... and yet, I've yet to see convincing evidence that ID cards WILL be useful in fighting terrorism. The Madrid bombers, for instance, carried ID cards.